We offer unique programs and services across the lifespan from birth through adulthood.

Early Intervention Services

Our birth-to-three program provides a full range of services for children with developmental delays or disabilities. Services are provided in the child’s natural setting (home, daycare, etc.) and are provided within a parent coaching model that teaches parents to incorporate therapy into the family’s everyday lives.


Assistive Technology Services

Assistive Technology is any device or adaptation that enables a person with a disability to perform everyday tasks and interact with other people. Our goal is to support people to access readily available technology that can be used as inexpensively and as efficiently as possible. Through collaboration, our occupational therapists and speech therapists work to maximize a person’s functional skills so that they can successfully participate in their community.


Vocational Services

Vocational Services offers a continuum of services for transition students (ages 18-21) and adults with disabilities, and for employers who are interested in hiring individuals who experience a disability. Sherwood Community Services provides a menu of services that are tailored to individual need.