Assistive Technology Services


Assistive Technology Services

Assistive Technology is any device or adaptation that enables a person with a disability to perform everyday tasks and interact with other people. Our goal is to support people to access readily available technology that can be used as inexpensively and as efficiently as possible. Through collaboration, our occupational therapists and speech therapists work to maximize a person’s functional skills so that they can successfully participate in their community.


Assistive Technology/ Adaptive Equipment

In partnership with the Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA), Sherwood’s Assistive Technology Services provides devices to eligible individuals. Call or email your Case Resource Manager and inquire about how you qualify for Assistive Technology/Adaptive Equipment (Supplies and Equipment Services) at little to no cost.

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Assistive Technology Consultations

ACRE certified staff, Speech Language Pathologist and Occupational Therapists assist individuals of all ages make a decision on the right type of device, apps/programming or mobility equipment. Sherwood also assists parents, caregivers and professionals in the decision making process and are available for follow-up.


Rachel, 7, using an iPad to communicate.

Rachel, 7, using a speech generating device

Assistive Technology & Resource Center

Over 300 pieces of Assistive Technology are available for people of all ages through Sherwood’s Lending Library. Examples include adapted toys, books and keyboards, switches, iPads etc.

The Resource Center includes smart technology to showcase how current technology can be adapted to benefit individuals as well as a computer station that has preloaded programs to teach community awareness, social awareness and job readiness.

Individual and Group Training

ACRE certified staff lead individual and group training on Assistive Technology for individuals, parents, caregivers and professionals.

Statewide Resources & Information

Assistive Technology is limitless and sometimes the questions can be as well! For advice/questions about devices, costs or available funding for Assistive Technology call (425) 404-3111



For inquiries and or additional information about the Assistive Technology Services, please contact Andrew Urie at (425)404-3111