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Success Stories

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Jackson finds his words

Jackson entered speech therapy at Sherwood with only three word’s,
6 months later he’s had a language explosion!  





Employment Partner Spotlight

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month, so we are taking this opportunity to highlight one of Sherwood’s Employment Partners: the Saratoga Inn. They have hired not just one, but two people with disabilities!

Everlee’s Story

At 8 months old, Everlee’s mom and doctor had concerns about her motor development because she was not yet rolling over. She was referred to Sherwood at that point for an evaluation. Sherwood’s Occupational Therapist began working with Everlee to strengthen her body by doing baby sit-ups and holding her tummy up while on hands and knees. Her therapist encouraged her mom to practice those exercises alongside Everlee to help get her ready to move.



Leo’s Story

When Leo was about 18 months, he had lost all verbal communication skills. Leo’s mom, Jana, watched as he began to fall behind on almost every major milestone. At this point, she realized there might be some sort of developmental delay and began seeking answers and help with Sherwood.



Justin’s First Job!

Justin came to Sherwood as a School to Work student. While in high school he spent time volunteering at his local YMCA cleaning exercise equipment. Justin liked volunteering at the “Y” and thought getting a job at a gym might be a good fit for him.




Natalie’s Story- Birth to Three and Beyond!

Following an uneventful pregnancy and delivery, Natalie was born a happy baby girl. At 8 months of age, Natalie’s mother noticed that she had a hard time sitting up and after visiting her doctor received a referral to Sherwood for motor therapy. Throughout her first few months of motor therapy, delays in speech and language milestones were noticed. Soon after Natalie began speech therapy with Sherwood as well.


Jenny’s Journey

Jenny’s first job with Sherwood was working in our onsite Workshop counting pins and applying part labels for Boeing. She has remained a part of the Sherwood family for nearly 20 years and when the Workshop closed in the summer of 2016 her Employment Specialist, Melissa knew exactly how Jenny could next find success.



Tenacious Talia- Update!

Talia came to Sherwood as an Island County School-to-Work student in the summer of 2015; see her original story here. Talia tried out different volunteer positions with her Employment Specialist, Jolynn, to find one that was the right fit. Talia had just one stipulation to her job search: no cats!


Early Intervention Speech Therapy
Therapy times three


Triplets Noah, Parker, and Charley made their debut into the world 12 weeks early.  Today, thanks to Sherwood’s  therapists, they are vibrant 2 1/2 year olds getting ready to go to preschool in a few months.


Karlene Can Do Anything!

karlene2016-21About a year ago Karlene learned that Sherwood’s Workshop would be
closing. Karlene worked at the Workshop for several years and was nervous about what that would mean for her. She decided it was time to get serious about her job search.




Geno Thrives
GinoGeno is a very outgoing, social guy with a contagious smile and a zest for life.  Geno’s dream was to work somewhere where he could interact with his community and make a difference in his environment.




Tenacious Talia
Meet Talia…Talia Petosa is one of three Island County students who has elected to participate in a new S2W (School to Work) program on Whidbey Island. This program targets individuals in their last year of school where they are looking strongly into job development. It is the hope that enough discovery time is available to provide the opportunity to find someone’s ideal potential, desires in life and their “Dream Job”.


Damar’s Day of Caring
On August 11th, six employees from Damar AeroSystems of Monroe volunteered their time at Sherwood as part of the United Way Day of Caring community event. They used their strong arms and backs to clean up trees, leaves, and other debris on our property and make it a place we can all be proud of.

Amazing Volunteers Spend Their Day Caring
On July 17th, over 80 volunteers from Philips Healthcare of Bothell swarmed Sherwood for a Day of Caring!  We would like to extend our gratitude to the ongoing support of the management of Philips healthcare and the fabulous employees who have chosen Sherwood as a site for their day of caring for many years.



Terrific Talk Tablet TherapyRachel - Talk Tablet Therapy
Rachel’s family and her teachers at school began using the Talk Tablet augmentative program with Rachel on her family’s iPad and her therapist began using it in therapy as well.  The results have been tremendous.


Amazing Adriana
Adriana has been with Sherwood Community Services since transitioning from Henry M. Jackson High School in 2011. During this time, she has achieved many employment goals and milestones.


Charming Chloe
Chloe is a sweet two year old toddler who was referred to the Children’s Services program in July 2012. Chloe was diagnosed in utero with hypoplastic left heart syndrome.


Elizah’s Transformation
When Elizah was evaluated in Dec. 2013, we were very concerned about her overall development. She only had a few words, was unable to point to pictures or body parts, and was a very picky eater.

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