Kyron is on the move and loving it!

When Kyron hadn’t started walking yet at 15 months, his Mom, Jessica, was referred to Sherwood by his Pediatrician for Occupational Therapy. Sherwood’s Early Intervention therapists work on a parent-coaching model, helping parents with excercises they can do at home in an environment they are comfortable in.  Fun exercises that include things like moving his body, chasing and popping bubbles, and reaching up to put a ball in a basket. These exercises helped Kyron show the strength he has gained and his ability to stay balanced and on his feet.  

Jessica says, “He wasn’t taking any unassisted moves before therapy. Now he’s walking and his confidence has grown!” 

“It is so fun to see what new skills Kyron develops from visit to visit. It was so apparent that family members were diligent in following through with strategies and exercises that were left with them and this makes such a difference!” adds Marissa, Kyron’s therapist.

With continuous practice and participation at home and the strong determination Kyron shows, he has reached developmental milestones in just 4 visits.

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As Karlene practiced her new job tasks her confidence grew and soon could work without the help of her Employment Specialist, she could do it on her own. That’s what we call success at Sherwood, But Karlene didn’t stop achieving. She grew more independent and learned how to do additional tasks, Karlene’s manager at MOD took notice and added days to her schedule: Karlene recently earned a bonus check for her hard work.

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Mom’s proudest moment so far has been to see Zion finally able to drink out of something other than a bottle, like a straw and open cup.


Zion’s therapist proudly stated, “We wouldn’t see this overall progress if it weren’t for the family participation.”  The entire family, including all his brothers and sisters, are active in his therapy sessions and the daily activities that promote continued successful development.

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Though Susan has only been at her job for a few months she is treated with respect and dignity. All of the staff know her and welcome her each day she works. Her manager will always make it a point to say hello to her no matter how busy he is. He always tells Susan that she is doing a great job and he appreciates her.

Each shift Susan works she becomes more confident in her tasks and is learning more each day. Susan always greets the seniors as she is working and makes them smile.

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