Logan is a speech therapy superhero!

Logan’s mom Shantel was referred to Sherwood after her pediatrician noticed he wasn’t speaking as many words as other kids his age. Through services, Logan has been working with a Sherwood Speech Therapist and will graduate therapy in November 2018.


Logan’s final speech evaluation showed his superhero determination and growth by his reaching the 50th percentile in language development and also that his vocabulary increased quite a bit! Speech therapy supported Logan’s growth in his ability to talk, listen and understand others. He can point out and verbally identify just about every image and activity he is prompted to during therapy sessions. He follows clear instructions, like serving his teddy bear ice cubes and putting the bear away in a toy box. 

Shantel is glad that Logan’s development increased to the level of other children his age. Shantel and her husband will both continue to support Logan’s development by working on multiple word phrases, asking him to identify items and activities and saying words ending in “ing”. She shared she has seen him open up and become more willing to have one on one interactions with both her and her husband.  Early intervention services made the crucial difference for Logan and provided the support he needed to reach his developmental milestones.

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Jenny is both deaf and blind; having a job that gives her tasks with high sensory input is really important to her. She loves the smell of the cleaning products and the way the floor vibrates as the childcare kids run past. 


Jenny’s new job puts her in charge of washing the windows in the Church’s entrance, sanctuary, and childcare as well as cleaning their café’s tables and counters. During the summer she sweeps the foyer and occasionally sanitizes toys for their childcare.

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Sherwood continues to work with Ron and his home care staff to train and tailor the Assistive Technology device to his needs and interests so that he can more easily talk with his roommates, staff, and family. He works very hard to sit up as straight as he can and to look at his screen.


Prior to Sherwood, Ron used hand gestures and a picture book to communicate; now within a few moments he can ask, “How are you today?” and engage in a two-way conversation about work and the weather.

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As his final session was ending, Kristopher stood, walked over to the counter, and grabbed a banana. When finished, he walked over and showed his mom the banana peel. His mom requested that he put it in the garbage, and with no hesitation, Kristopher walked to the bottom cupboard, opened the door, and placed the peel in the garbage and closed the door. His mom said, “Thank you for listening” and she cast her gaze onto us with wide, almost in disbelief, eyes. “He wasn’t doing that when we started!” she whispered with a choke.

As the front door closed, his Therapist Susan said, “These are the outcomes that I love to see and this is what makes me love what I do.”

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