Kyle celebrates 3 years of employment!

Kyle came to Sherwood after he graduated from Sultan High School in 2016. 

Shortly after graduating, with the help of his Employment Specialist at the time,  Kyle was employed by Sams Cats and Dogs in Monroe. On this particular day Kyle met me with a smile , a hand shake and asked me my birthday. Bria, his employment specialist smiled and said, he will remember it!  

He had already started his shift and I watched as he skillfully and methodically removed each product on the shelf in groups and placed them into a small shopping cart. He wiped the tops of each can, wiped the shelf, then placed each can facing forward and lined up.  Bria says Kyle is very spacially aware and with minimal direction, completed the entire row within his hour long shift. His duties range from wiping down and adjusting the cat and dog food aisles, to dusting and realigning the toys.

Kyle loves music and as soon as a song came on the radio overhead, he would dance a little in the aisle and state who was singing the song with a smile.  Bria encourages him to stay on task and reminds him that when he’s done he can choose the music he wants to listen to in the car on the way to his next shift. 
Realizing Kyle could take on more work and enjoyed variety, Bria sought additional work for him and recently secured him volunteer hours at Sultans Food Bank. She says the addition of vacuuming really excited Kyle because it’s a task that allows him to move similar to dancing. 

With minimal redirection and lots of words of praise and encouragement for a job well done from Bria, Kyle completes all of his tasks in his time at both positions.

Having a job allows a certain level of independence and social interaction that can really make a huge difference in a persons attitude and self confidence. It’s obvious that Kyle loves his jobs and enjoys being a part of his community. 

If you would like to learn more about meaningful employment for adults with disabilities or are interested in hiring someone with disabilities, please contact Vocational Services Director Tania Scott, 

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Sherwood’s Occupational Therapist began working with Everlee to strengthen her muscles by doing baby sit-ups and holding a crawling position.


Her therapist encouraged her mom to practice those exercises alongside Everlee to help get her ready to move. At 14 months old, Everlee began to crawl! It wasn’t long after that she had mastered pulling herself up and on to the furniture and was cruising around.

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At Sherwood, we see firsthand not only the happiness a job can bring someone with disabilities, but a sense independence and inclusion as well.

“Employment gives Jessica a sense of purpose and feeling grown-up. She feels like a legitimate, independent working adult… because she is. THIS is the tangible result of supported employment that is a win-win for everyone” says her mom Joy.

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Kyron's mom Jessica says, “He wasn’t taking any unassisted moves before therapy. Now he’s walking and his confidence has grown!”

“It is so fun to see what new skills Kyron develops from visit to visit. It was so apparent that family members were diligent in following through with strategies and exercises that were left with them and this makes such a difference!” adds Marissa, Kyron’s therapist.

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