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Fun Blanket Games For Toddlers

Blankets are fun to play with and are so versatile! Blanket games often remind me that you don’t need a ton of supplies or lots of toys to create an exciting play routine with your little one. So whether it’s a rainy day at home or you are just wanting to try a new game, grab a blanket and read on!

A male with a brown beard wearing a white tshirt and grey sweatpants smiles while covering his head with a comforter. Young todler with blonde curly hair stands in a crib facing the male with his hands in the air.
A game of peek-a-book can be extra fun with a large blanket.

Peekaboo: Hide behind the blanket. Then drop the blanket and say “peekaboo”! If your kiddo likes peekaboo, see if they will take turns hiding behind the blanket.

Magic carpet rides: Have you toddler sit or lay down on the blanket and you pull the blanket for a magic carpet ride. Use words like “go” “stop” “wee!” “uhoh” during the game. If this game gets too tiring, encourage your little one to put their stuffed animals or toys on top the blanket and encourage them to pull.

Up/down game: You grab one end and have your little one hold the other end. Together move the blanket up and down. This is a great time to practice the words “up” and “down”. If your little one likes this game, you can add a light object on the blanket like a stuffed animal or a balloon and bounce the toy all around.

Night-night: Put a baby doll or stuffed animal under the blanket and say “night- night”. Wait a few seconds and then exclaim “wake up!” You and your little one also can crawl under the blanket together and pretend to fall asleep too.

Blanket fort: There’s no right way to build a blanket fort. You can build a fort by putting a big blanket over the table and climb under. You can set up some chairs and lay the blanket across. Of course, you also can lay the blanket on top of the back of a couch and hide underneath together. Play a game that your toddler loves while you two are in the fort.

Burrito: Have your child lay flat on the blanket, with head out. Gently roll your toddler in the blanket to transform them into a “burrito”. You can pretend to put toppings on top and then pretend to take a bite. This game is so silly! If your kiddo seems unsure about playing this game, you can wrap their toys or stuffed animals into a blanket burrito instead.

Reading area: Choose one blanket to be your reading blanket. Before you read a book, tell them you need to grab your “reading blanket”. Encourage your kiddo to help you spread out and smooth the blanket before reading. Having a reading blanket might also help them stay nearby you during reading time. Check out our past blog post for other reading tips if your kid has difficulties with reading time, or our blog posts on specific books (Goodnight Gorilla and The Very Hungry Caterpillar).

Blanket swing: This game requires two adults and is quite the upper body workout! Have your toddler lay in the middle of the blanket and have each adult grab two corners to create a blanket hammock, raise slightly off the ground and swing your kid side to side. You can use words like “swing, go, stop” or simply sing a song while swinging.

Blankets make great toys for little ones and we hope that you and your toddler have a blast with these games!

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