Kyle's Employment Specialist says he is very spatially aware and with minimal direction, he successfully completes his designated tasks within his hour long shifts. 


Having a job allows a certain level of independence and social interaction that can really make a huge difference in a persons attitude and self confidence. It’s obvious that Kyle loves his jobs and enjoys being a part of his community.

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Sherwood’s Occupational Therapist began working with Everlee to strengthen her muscles by doing baby sit-ups and holding a crawling position.


Her therapist encouraged her mom to practice those exercises alongside Everlee to help get her ready to move. At 14 months old, Everlee began to crawl! It wasn’t long after that she had mastered pulling herself up and on to the furniture and was cruising around.

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At Sherwood, we see firsthand not only the happiness a job can bring someone with disabilities, but a sense independence and inclusion as well.

“Employment gives Jessica a sense of purpose and feeling grown-up. She feels like a legitimate, independent working adult… because she is. THIS is the tangible result of supported employment that is a win-win for everyone” says her mom Joy.

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Kyron's mom Jessica says, “He wasn’t taking any unassisted moves before therapy. Now he’s walking and his confidence has grown!”

“It is so fun to see what new skills Kyron develops from visit to visit. It was so apparent that family members were diligent in following through with strategies and exercises that were left with them and this makes such a difference!” adds Marissa, Kyron’s therapist.

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As Karlene practiced her new job tasks her confidence grew and soon could work without the help of her Employment Specialist, she could do it on her own. That’s what we call success at Sherwood, But Karlene didn’t stop achieving. She grew more independent and learned how to do additional tasks, Karlene’s manager at MOD took notice and added days to her schedule: Karlene recently earned a bonus check for her hard work.

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Mom’s proudest moment so far has been to see Zion finally able to drink out of something other than a bottle, like a straw and open cup.


Zion’s therapist proudly stated, “We wouldn’t see this overall progress if it weren’t for the family participation.”  The entire family, including all his brothers and sisters, are active in his therapy sessions and the daily activities that promote continued successful development.

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Though Susan has only been at her job for a few months she is treated with respect and dignity. All of the staff know her and welcome her each day she works. Her manager will always make it a point to say hello to her no matter how busy he is. He always tells Susan that she is doing a great job and he appreciates her.

Each shift Susan works she becomes more confident in her tasks and is learning more each day. Susan always greets the seniors as she is working and makes them smile.

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Logan has been working with a Sherwood Speech Therapist and  graduated therapy in November 2018. Logan’s final speech evaluation showed his superhero determination and growth by his reaching the 50th percentile in language development and also that his vocabulary increased quite a bit!


Speech therapy supported Logan’s growth in his ability to talk, listen and understand others. He can point out and verbally identify just about every image and activity he is prompted to during therapy sessions.

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Jenny is both deaf and blind; having a job that gives her tasks with high sensory input is really important to her. She loves the smell of the cleaning products and the way the floor vibrates as the childcare kids run past. 


Jenny’s new job puts her in charge of washing the windows in the Church’s entrance, sanctuary, and childcare as well as cleaning their café’s tables and counters. During the summer she sweeps the foyer and occasionally sanitizes toys for their childcare.

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Sherwood continues to work with Ron and his home care staff to train and tailor the Assistive Technology device to his needs and interests so that he can more easily talk with his roommates, staff, and family. He works very hard to sit up as straight as he can and to look at his screen.


Prior to Sherwood, Ron used hand gestures and a picture book to communicate; now within a few moments he can ask, “How are you today?” and engage in a two-way conversation about work and the weather.

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As his final session was ending, Kristopher stood, walked over to the counter, and grabbed a banana. When finished, he walked over and showed his mom the banana peel. His mom requested that he put it in the garbage, and with no hesitation, Kristopher walked to the bottom cupboard, opened the door, and placed the peel in the garbage and closed the door. His mom said, “Thank you for listening” and she cast her gaze onto us with wide, almost in disbelief, eyes. “He wasn’t doing that when we started!” she whispered with a choke.

As the front door closed, his Therapist Susan said, “These are the outcomes that I love to see and this is what makes me love what I do.”

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His manager Mike says, “Stefan makes a difference by having a positive attitude and a willingness to learn. He is here every day and is always on time. Stefan has become one of the best and most enthusiastic sanders we have. He brings attention to detail like no other.”

When asked if he had anything to add, Stefan had some advice. “If you are going to work at a job you want to look at the postiive.”  He recommends having a positive attitude. It’s much better than going to work with a negative attitude.

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