About Us

General information

Sherwood is a nonprofit, 501(c) 3 Organization.

Our mission is to provide innovative, inclusive services to children and adults with disabilities in their communities.

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The precursor to Sherwood was established in 1957 as the Retarded Children’s Center, and it served children who were excluded from public schools because of their cognitive disabilities. The organization quickly grew from that original class of eight children as other parents throughout the county asked for educational services for their children.

The agency incorporated as a nonprofit in 1963. It began serving very young children with multiple disabilities and a work program was started for adults with disabilities. As public schools opened their doors to more school-age children, Sherwood focused increasingly on early intervention services for kids from birth –to – three and on adult employment.

These remain two of our three core services. The third is our Assistive Technology  program, which serves people of all ages.

Unique Lifelong Services

Sherwood is unique in providing these three services that cover the lifespan of people with disabilities in both the urban and rural areas.