Advocacy Days, part of the Advocacy Partnership Project, are held during each legislative session to involve self-advocates and families in the legislative process, giving them opportunities to make their voices heard by their legislators and to have an impact on policy and budget legislation that affects the services and supports available to them. 

We traveled to Olympia on March 6th and 13th to meet with Legislators and advocate for you! 

March 6th—We Advocated for Incredible Jobs

Having a job means that individuals with Developmental Disabilities can be incredibly productive citizens, contributing to our economy by paying taxes, while also providing valuable services. Being gainfully employed provides self-esteem and helps individuals work toward being self-supporting. Join some incredible self-advocates, families and employment service providers from Community Employment Alliance (CEA) as we ensure that supports are available to all those who need them. A rally was held at the capital at noon.

March 13th—We Advocated for Incredible Learning 

Learning is a lifelong process. Early Intervention services help babies and toddlers who struggle to meet developmental milestones. Public education has special funding for children with developmental disabilities that need extra supports to learn. Transition from high school to the adult world of working involves coordination from multiple state agencies and funding to help with supported employment or to help individuals with DD attend higher education or technical schools.

We encourage you to send a hand written
letter to your Legislators. 


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