“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. 

Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

- Margaret Mead

Be A Part of The Change!

The Legislative Hotline - (800) 562-6000

Jay Inslee.jpg

Governor Jay Inslee

Contact Jay 

Congressional Delegation from Snohomish County - Federal Level

Patty Murray.png

Senator Patty Murray 
Contact Patty

Senator Maria Cantwell
Contact Maria

Susan DelBene.png

Rep Susan DelBene
Contact Susan

Rep Rick Larsen.png

Rep Rick Larsen
Contact Rick

Snohomish County Legislators - State Level

Derek Stanford.jpg

Sen. Derek Stanford
(D-WA 1st District)
Contact Derek

Shelly Kloba.jpg

Rep. Shelly Kloba
(D-WA 1st District)
Contact Shelly

1st District

Sen. Ron Muzzall
(R-WA 10th District)
Contact Ron

Norma Smith.jpg

Rep. Norma Smith 
(WA 10th District)
Contact Norma

Dave Paul.jpg

Rep. Dave Paul
(D-WA 10th District)
Contact Dave

10th District

Sen. Marko Liias
(D-WA 21st District)
Contact Marko

Strom Peterson.jpg

Rep. Strom Peterson 
(D-WA 21st District)
Contact Strom

Lillian Ortiz-Self.jpg

Rep. Lillian Ortiz-Self
(D-WA 21st District)
Contact Lillian

21st District

Sen. Jesse Salomon 
(WA 32nd District)
Contact Jesse

Cindy Ryu.jpg

Rep. Cindy Ryu 
(D-WA 32nd District)
Contact Cindy

Lauren Davis.jpg

Rep. Lauren Davis
(WA 32nd District)
Contact Lauren

32nd District

Sen. John McCoy
(D-WA 38th District)
Contact John

June Robinson.jpg

Rep. June Robinson 
(RD-WA 38th District)
Contact June

Mike Sells.jpg

Rep. Mike Sells
(R-WA 6th District)
Contact Mike

38th District

Sen. Keith Wagoner 
(WA 39th District)
Contact Keith

Robert Sutherland.jpg

Rep. Robert Sutherland
(WA 39th District)
Contact Robert

Carolyn Eslick.jpg

Rep Carolyn Eslick
(WA 39th District)
Contact Carolyn

39th District

Rep Jared Mead
(WA 44th District)
Contact Jared

Rep. John Lovick
(D-WA 44th District)
Contact John

John Lovick.jpg

Sen. Steve Hobbs
(D-WA 44th District)
Contact Steve

44th District


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