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Sherwood supports high school students and adults with disabilities who are interested in seeking employment and support them every step of the way during the hiring process. Sherwood strives not only to place people in jobs, but to ensure they are in jobs they love. Sherwood believes that every individual with a disability should have an opportunity for meaningful employment that uses their abilities to the highest level and offers a competitive wage. A job leads to increased economic independence, community integration and greater self-worth. 

Are remote supports right for you?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many are turning to technology to participate in activities they would usually do in person. Technology can play a key role in helping you go about your day-to-day business even if you need to stay home. DDA is offering remote supports for some services when a client, case manager and their provider agree that receiving the support remotely will be safe and effective.

Do the following statements apply to you?

• My provider talks me through things a lot of the time.

• I do not need hands-on assistance while my provider is helping me.

• I prefer to stay away from others during the COVID-19 emergency to stay healthy.

• My provider and I agree that we can work on the same things we used to do in person,
   over the phone or internet.


If the statements apply, you may be eligible to receive remote supports and should contact your DDA case manager to see if you qualify.


Your case manager wants you to be safe. They want to make sure you receive quality supports and may ask you a few questions when you call them.


Some questions your case manager may ask:

• What do you and your provider plan to do together remotely?

• What kind of supervision and support do you need during the day? If you need frequent physical assistance or interventions, your case manager will ask if others in the household can assist you during your remote support services.

• What technology do you and your provider plan to use? Is the technology in your home already?


Remote support is not for everyone. It is important to talk with your provider and case manager about how your supports are working for you. You have the right to change your mind any time and ask for other available options to receive your supports.

For the individual:
Sherwood assists with the job search, seek employers, assess and train adults, and provide support for a smooth transition into the workplace. Employment specialists first assess the individual’s abilities, career goals and interests and then work with employers to find a successful fit for their unique abilities and skill-set. Sherwood’s employment specialists provide ongoing coaching to the employee and employer to ensure long-term success. The ultimate goal would be for an individual to be independent in the work place, but Sherwood has the ability to provide  assistance as needed.

“It means a great deal to me to have a job. They’re great folks to work for.” 
– Cody (Vocational Services Client) 

Bailey helping at Hand and Hand in Oak Harbor.

Independence and Inclusion

At Sherwood, we see firsthand not only the happiness a job can bring someone with disabilities, but a sense of independence and inclusion as well.

"Having a job that (Jessica) enjoys makes her feel like she belongs, she's needed, she's valuable, and she's contributing. You can see that is how she stands taller, her smiles gets bigger and you hear it in her voice when she's at work or talking about her job. Employment gives Jessica a sense of purpose and feeling grown up. She feels like a legitimate, independent working adult... because she is. THIS is the tangible result of supported employment that is a win-win for everyone."
– Joy (Vocational Services Parent)

Greg smiles after starting his new job at Walmart.

For Businesses:

Sherwood knows that a more inclusive community is a stronger community. When an employer is invested in hiring people with disabilities they are saying yes to a more diverse and inclusive workplace. Sherwood employment specialists help match employers with qualified and eager job seekers. The goal is to find an employment opportunity that meets both the needs of the business and the individual. Our employment specialist will help with the training and on-boarding of their new employee. They also will help educate co-workers on effective communication skills specific to the employee. We continue to work with employers to ensure long-term success!

How your business benefits:

  • A more inclusive and diverse workplace

  • Improved employee morale

  • Longevity of employment

  • Dependable and driven employees

  • Posed community stature and customer loyalty

“Breanna makes a difference with her smile and her willingness to get the job done. She was a little timid at first but with the help of Gayle, our staff and our members, she has found her rhythm. She loves to engage with the kids and be a helpful hand wherever she is needed.”

- Candace, Director at The Marysville Boys & Girls Club

Breanna and her co-workers at The Marysville Boys & Girls Club.

If you are interested in learning more about Vocational Services or hiring someone with a disability,

please contact Tania Scott, Director of Vocational Services.

Thank You to our Supported Employers

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