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Baby Signs for the Winter Season

Winter is such a magical time of the year and such a great opportunity to talk about what your little one is seeing and experiencing. If your child is still learning how to talk, using baby signs can be a great way to teach your kid vocabulary. Gestures (such as baby signs) often can be a little easier to copy than single words. We recommend choosing a few baby signs at a time and model them for your child.

Young toddler with blonde hair and black sweater looks outside of sliding glass doors at a snowy yard.
A perfect opportunity to teach your child the "snow" baby sign

Here's a few that we think you may like:

Snow: Whether you see snow in real life or while watching a holiday classic together, show you child the sign for snow.

Cold: As you head outside, tell your child that it is cold while modeling this sign.

Candle: Whether you celebrate Kwanzaa, Hanukkah or your family just loves the sweet smelling winter candles, show your child the candle sign when they show interest in candles.

Tree: There is no doubt that there are brightly decorated trees all around us. This is the perfect opportunity to teach your child to do the "tree" sign.

Light: One of my favorite memories as a child was look at all the lights! Whether they are noticing the lights on a tree or on a house, model the "light" baby sign while you talk to your child about it.

Boots: Regardless if it snows or we get our typical rain, we know our kiddos need boots during PNW winters!

If your child really loves these signs and you are interested in teaching your child other signs, check out our blog post on our Beginner baby signs. Happy Holidays and Happy New Years! #holidayactivities #babysigns #earlychildhoodeducation #winter

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