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Dinosaur Games

Dinosaur toys are a toddler favorite for a good reason. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Dinosaurs also require imagination to come alive in play. If your little one is obsessed with dinosaurs, take a look at some of our ideas of how to expand your child’s play:

Young boy in gray shirt and brown curly hair growls at green dinosaur toy
Practice goofy sounds like "rawr" when playing with dinosaurs

1. Make sound effects. Sounds are often easier to copy than words and therefore a great way to teach your child to imitate you. Not only do dinosaurs make growling noises, but they also can make a “boom” sound while they stomp. They make slurping and munching sounds when they eat/drink and snore when they sleep. You might even say “ow!” when you touch their tooth.

2. Model action words or verbs. Dinosaurs can do lots of things in play! Model simple action words like stomp, jump, munch, eat, run, sleep, chew, bite while playing with your dinosaurs.

3. Hide and seek. Have a dinosaur “hide” in the room and say “oh no! where’s the dinosaur?” and then call out for the dinosaur “Dinosaur! Dinosaur” or “Dino! Dino!” This is a great game to teach your kiddo to follow directions with location words by telling them to look "under" or "behind the door"

4. Identify body parts. Dinosaurs have really cool teeth and mouths, but you can point out other body parts on your child’s toys too. Maybe have you kid tickle the dinosaur’s belly and show you their big feet.

5. Play night-night. Grab a blanket or towel to teach your kid this simple game. Tell your child that the dinosaur is tired and needs to go night-night. Tuck the dinosaur in under the blanket and say “night-night”. Then only use a soft whisper voice and maybe even say “sssh!”. After a short time, wake up your dinosaur by pulling off the blankets and enthusiastically exclaiming “WAKE UP DINOSAUR!!”

6. Incorporate dinosaurs in other play routines. Dinosaurs are fantastic for knocking over blocks, riding in trucks, pointing to pictures in books, or having a tea party with dolls.

There are so many different ways to play with dinosaurs during the day! What's your little one's favorite way to play?

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