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Six Strategies To Help Your Kid Practice Saying Hi And Bye

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Greeting and saying goodbye are important social words and often some of the first words kids start to say. But if there aren’t many people coming and going, sometimes it can be difficult for our kiddos to learn the words “hi” and “bye”. Here are some strategies I share with my families to help teach these words:

Young girl with brown curly hair smiles and waves
Wave while you say "hi". It's often easier to copy actions than words when learning something new.

Wave while you say “hi” and “bye”: Kids copy and use gestures before they use words. Chances are your little one will learn to wave hi/bye before they will try saying them. Make sure anytime you are saying “hi” or “bye”, wave as well!

Use greetings with toys: If your kid likes taking toys in and out of containers, this is the strategy for you! Every time you take a toy out, wave and say “hi”. Every time you put a toy back in the box, wave and say “bye”!

Practice with books: Wave and say “hi” to the characters as you turn the page. This gives you the chance to practice saying “hi” 5+ times, depending on the book.

Going in between rooms: You don’t need to have someone physically leave and enter your home to practice the words “hi” and “bye”. In fact, anytime someone goes in and out of the room is a great chance to practice. “Baby needs to go to her room to sleep, let’s say ‘bye’” “your sister wants to play with us, hi!” “daddy is going to go to the store, let’s say ‘bye daddy!’”

Cleaning up: Say “bye” to each individual toy as you clean up during the day.

Pretend play: With your kid’s toys, pretend like they are waving and saying “hi”/ ”bye”. Bonus points if you use a silly and dramatic voice while playing. “Hi Sky!” “I got to go, bye Peppa!”

There are so many opportunities during the day to teach your little one about the words “hi” and “bye”, even if you never leave the house! Until next time, GOODBYE!

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