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Teletherapy tip: Mug trick!

At Sherwood, we use teletherapy sessions through Zoom in a number of different ways. Some families prefer the convenience of Zoom sessions while others may participate in teletherapy sessions only when someone in their family is sick or if dangerous weather conditions prevented their therapist from coming for an in-person visit. Regardless of your reasoning, if you use a phone for teletherapy sessions, this tip is for you 😊

We know that sometimes it takes a little while to prop up a phone with the perfect angle. Or perhaps your little one moves from room to room so quickly, you are constantly finding yourself trying to set up your phone throughout the session. Not anymore! Grab a mug and here’s what you do:

· Put your phone in the mug and voila!

Red iphone is placed in a white Starbucks mug

· Whether you set your phone up on a shelf, couch, or the floor, it now has a flat and steady base with no hassle. If your kid moves to the next room, just grab your mug and follow them! Put your mug/phone anywhere in your next play space.

If you are interested in learning more about teletherapy sessions at Sherwood, check out our teletherapy frequently asked questions page.

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