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"ACHO!" Game to Practice Imitation

If your little one is still learning how to talk, this is one of my favorite games to play. It’s simple, fun, and encourages little ones to copy us!

Here's how you play: First you take a small toy, put it on top of your head, and “sneeze” it off. That’s it! I like to make a dramatic sound as I put it on my head too and laugh once it’s fallen off!

Once I have the kid’s attention, then I will offer them a turn by holding out the toy. If they don’t take it or are encouraging me to do it again, I often put it on top of their head for their “turn”. Usually the toy will fall off right away and so I will say “acho” when it falls. Then it’s my turn again!

If this is a success, feel free to mix it up with different toys, more people, or even do it at the same time as your kid! You can even wait and see if they will try to say “acho” after your kid gets the hang of it!

Hope you all enjoy 😊

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