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Fall Tree Craft

Last year I went on a walk with my niece while there were beautiful leaves on the ground everywhere. My niece really wanted to collect leaves as we went along our walk and so I decided to turn our discoveries into a craft. If your child likes to go on walks or crafts, this is a great activity for you!

Plain while paper with leaves and a brown trunk glued on paper. Girl glues another leaf on the paper
Create your own fall tree this year with this simple fall craft.

Materials needed:

- Plain paper

- Glue stick

- Brown construction paper or brown marker

Let’s get started:

1. Start your walk and collect leaves as you go along. This is a great opportunity to talk about the differences between the leaves. Some are big. Some are red. Some have fallen. Some are still on the tree. Some leaves might be dirty!

It was so muddy! I should not have chosen white shoes that day.

The leaves (and moss and sticks) we collected on our walk.

2. When you get home, take out your plain paper and either draw a tree trunk or cut out a tree trunk from brown paper and allow your kid to glue it on the paper.

Getting our tree ready

3. Glue the leaves on your tree. This is a great opportunity to talk about how glue is “sticky” and describe your child’s tree.

Creating our tree

And voila! Your tree is complete. I hope you and your toddler enjoyed creating your own fall trees.

Our final products!

In case you missed our other fall blog posts and you want to keep the fall spirit alive, check out our pumpkin craft blog post and our fall baby signs post. #fallactivities #fallcrafts #earlychildhoodeducation #fallleaves #toddlercrafts

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