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Play with Snow Inside: Sensory Bin edition

This was a fantastic idea one of my speech clients had recently and I had to share with the rest of you! This winter we have had no shortage of snow and of course our little ones want to go out and play! However, the hassle of getting all the snow attire on, keeping your little one warm, and having limited daylight available doesn’t make it reasonable to play outside all the time. Instead, let’s bring the snow inside!

Pile of snow next to a toy yellow and red dump truck
Incorporate snow with your child's toys

Materials: A container big enough to hold snow and toys. I recommend an empty sensory bin, clear plastic container, large cookie sheet, or a big mixing bowl. Lay out extra towels where you plan on playing in case some snow escapes. Then grab some of your kid’s favorite toys or play tools.

Go get the snow from outside, put in your container, come inside, and get playing!

Play ideas: Here are a few ideas based on what your kid likes to play with…

· Vehicles: Grab trucks, trains, and cars! Trucks are great for pushing the snow around and loading them in other trucks. Show your kid the different tracks the vehicles make.

· Make a snowman: Roll balls of snow and make your own snowmen in your sensory bin!

· Create with tools: Grab kid-friendly utensils, ladles, measuring cups, play doh tools, cups, and smaller bowls. Practice scooping and dumping. Push and flatten. Roll and chop. Poke and pat. See all the different ways you can use tools to manipulate the snow.

· Animals: Have toy animals hide under the snow and make their own animal tracks. Maybe even have the animals eat the snow or say “brrrr”.

Dump the snow outside when you’re done 😊

I hope you enjoyed this short, quick snow sensory bin idea. For other sensory bin ideas, check out our blog post on sensory bins.

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