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The Tupperware strategy to Teach "Help"

Chances are you have a clear container somewhere in your house. It may be a Tupperware container or storage plastic box. Believe it or not, but speech language pathologists often use this simple household item to teach kids to request help. Remember: there's several different ways kids might ask for help. They may point, they may lead you to the box, they may sign "help", they may say "help", or try to say their own version of the word. Check out the video to learn how to use this strategy!

How did your child let you know they wanted you to open the box? If you're interested in learning how to use early baby signs, check out our blog post on early baby signs (which includes the "help" sign).

If you have concerns about your child’s development, don’t hesitate to start the early intervention process today. #languagestrategies #earlylearning #languagedevelopment

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