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Earth Day is Saturday April 22, 2023! Earth Day gives us a reason and a purpose to teach small children about the world around them! Earth Day was first held in 1970 to raise awareness about our Earth and how we can protect it. This year the theme of Earth Day is to Invest in Our Planet. Learn more on

Toddler in blue dress holds out a tomato plant.
Celebrate earth day this year with your family!

Below are some ideas on how you can get your family involved and teach children how to care for our planet.

Teach new concepts:

Whether your child is still learning how to talk or already speaking in sentences, you can use earth day to teach new concepts. Earth and nature vocabulary include: earth, water, land, air, recycle, reuse, reduce, plant, bins, paper, plastic, glass, can, seeds, bike, dirt, ground, clean, together. This is also a great time to search for different colors outside like blue, green, brown.


EARTH PAINTING: Put a drop of blue and green paint on a paper plate and have your child use their fingers or hands to mix it around and create an Earth Masterpiece. Don’t want the mess of paint? Put the paper plate inside a gallon size baggie and it still provides as a sensory activity that is fun for all. Find Details at: Still Playing School

EARTH DAY SHAVING CREAM: Shaving cream is a fun sensory activity. Mix it around on a paper plate, a table, or for less of a mess, allow your child to paint with shaving cream in the bathtub! Directions and more can be found at The Simple Parent


Have your child help prep a garden space by pulling weeds, stomping or patting down fresh dirt. Dig a hole and plant the seed. Children love to help water the plants, watch them grow and pick them when they’re ready to eat! Plant carrots, radishes, cucumbers, or Sunflowers! Find more tips for planting with toddlers here: Gardening Know How . Don’t have a space for a garden? You can plant seeds in a cup or small pot. Visit Little Bins For Little Hands for more ideas and a list of easy flowers to grow with kids.


Reading a book about nature is also a great way to celebrate Earth Day! Here are a few great earth/garden books to check out at your local library:


Want to find a few ways to get involved locally? Here's a few ideas:

  1. Volunteer Opportunities – Down To Earth Community Gardens

  2. Eagle Ridge Community Garden in Lake Stevens, is ran by volunteers who grow fresh produce and donate to the local food bank.

  3. Visit Snohomish County for more events in your area and ways to get involved!

We hope you enjoy Earth Day this year! Let us know your favorite ideas!

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