Why Sherwood?

We believe people with disabilities and their families should have the opportunities and support to reach their full potential. Sherwood was started in 1957 by eight families of children with disabilities who were not allowed to attend public school. Since then, we have served over 20,000 people with disabilities. We continue to address challenges such as loneliness, isolation and low expectations that society has for people with disabilities.

Sherwood leads through advocacy and community education so that someday people with disabilities can live without stigma and be fully participating members of our communities. We take pride in serving all people with disabilities and their families, including individuals with significant disabilities, those in rural areas and non-native English speaking communities. Sherwood has never turned away anyone, regardless of how challenging the disability. We have a bilingual Spanish speaking staff, vitally important to helping this growing population access the support they need.

Sherwood has been a leader in the use of technology. Sherwood is poised to leverage our leadership position to significantly expand the use of technology at home, school and work.

Our Services

Occupational Therapist work with small child to match colored items.
Early Intervention

Our birth-to-three program provides a full range of services for infants and toddlers birth-to-three. Services are provided in the child’s natural settings including the family home, daycare, or other community setting. We utilize a parent coaching model encouraging family involvement. Learn more


Speech therapist works with woman with disabilities to use an iPad. Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology is any device or adaptation that enables a person with a disability to perform everyday tasks and interact with other people. Our goal is to support people to access readily available technology that can be used as inexpensively and as efficiently as possible. Learn more


Employment Specialist training a man to clean mirrors at his jobVocational Services

Our service model is similar to the process most people follow to find a job. Sherwood offers the additional guidance and support people with disabilities need during the job search and after being hired.  Learn more 

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