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20 Ways To Play With Magnetic Tiles

Ok so my friends and family know that I am obsessed with magnetic tiles! This simple toy is great for a variety of ages and can even be fun for adults as well! Want some more ways to play with magnetic tiles? Look no further!

Toddler with red dress and blonde hair plays builds magnetic tile tower and puts a dinosaur toy on top
Dinosaur zoo anyone? Add other toys to your play!


1. Car garage: You either can create a large garage for many cars or many small slots for a variety of cars.

2. Tower: Whether it’s a tower for a princess or a dragon, magnetic tiles are great for building towers.

3. House: You can create your own house or a house for all your little one’s favorite toys.

4. Road: Instead of following the yellow brick road, create a colorful magnetic tiles Road for your child’s cars to drive on.

5. Tunnel: Make a tunnel over your child’s train set, hot wheels track, or even a magnetic tile road and drive toy cars underneath.

6. Railroad: Trains don’t have to stay just on their own train track! Create a circular railroad track for your child’s train.

7. Zoo: Create little exhibits for your child’s animals. Doesn’t matter if they are small toys or stuffed animals.

8. 2D creations: Create spaceships, boats, houses, animals or people by laying the magnetic tiles flat on the ground.

Teach Concepts:

9. Shapes: Discuss the different shapes while you build. You can even sort the shapes before you start building.

10. Colors: Ask your little one what color should your tower be or build an entirely yellow house. Ask your kid to find specific colors while you build together.

11. Sizes: Talk about the “tall” tower, the “small” house, or the “big” tunnel.

12. Counting: If you are creating a road or lining several tiles in a row, count as you build.

Try a New Game:

13. Knock down: Build up towers and then ask your kid to knock it down. You can teach the words “stack, up, more, crash, uhoh” while enjoying the destruction.

14. Spin: If you play on hardwood floors or on a flat table, spin the tiles!

15. I see you: Hold the tiles up to your eyes and tell your kiddo “I see you!” See if they try to copy you.

16. Does it stick?: The great thing about these toys is that they stick to metal! Conduct your own experiment of what the tiles will stick to.

17. Sensory bin: Add magnetic tiles to a sensory bin. Magnetic tiles are already an open-ended toy so it will provide endless opportunities to play in a sensory bin.

18. Dominos: Stack the tiles in a line and knock them down. It helps to have a magnetic tile base to help the tiles stay up while you are building

19. Flashlight: After you build a creation, turn off the lights and shine a flashlight on the tiles. You can talk about the colors or the shapes of the colorful shadows!

20. Play somewhere new: Magnetic tiles are magnetic meaning they can put stuck and played with on lots of different surfaces! Do you have metal stools or furniture? Maybe try decorating with magnetic tiles. You also can create 2D creations on the fridge or baking sheets. Anywhere a magnet sticks, you can play with these tiles.

I hope you enjoyed these ideas! There are a variety of brands of magnetic tiles out there and you certainly don’t need the brand-name tiles to have a ton of fun creating. Follow your kid’s lead and see what they like creating 😊

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